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Notice of Next HOA Board Meeting

The next HOA Board of Directors meeting will be Thursday, May 2, 2024 at CMSI Office (2615 Bay Area Blvd.).  The meeting begins at 6:00p.m.  This is not the annual general HOA meeting.  It is a routine meeting to conduct Board business.


NOTICE: HOA Board meetings will be conducted in accordance with the following policy:

If done by Video/teleconference meetings: All owners/residents must stay muted at all times.  Residents participating will be allowed to listen to the open portion only. If you would like to listen to the call please email the association manager ( to be emailed the meeting link. 


Regular HOA Board meetings are open to attendance by VOCC homeowners, with the exception of Executive Session which addresses issues of a sensitive nature and only Board members are permitted to remain for this portion.  There will be a brief segment at the beginning of each meeting for general input from homeowners which will be limited to three minutes for each homeowner wishing to speak.  This part of the meeting will be limited to brief comments or questions, and no Board action will be taken at that time. 

 Homeowners wishing to discuss an issue in more detail with the Board should submit a request to in order to be placed on the next available agenda.  The request should include the topic and scope of the issue to be addressed.  The Board will determine if there is sufficient time or information for the topic on the requested date or if the topic should be moved to a subsequent meeting.  It is not mandatory that residents attend.  This is a routine meeting of the HOA Board, not the annual HOA general meeting.


Homeowners may observe the portion of the meeting outside of the Homeowner Input segment with the exception of Executive Session.  However, they may not participate in the business discussions unless specific information is requested by a Board member.  We value the opinions of our homeowners, but need to ensure that Board business may be handled in a timely and efficient manner.


Residents may email all concerns and ideas for the Board to consider to or the management company representative, Melissa Turner at


Thank you, 



Call to Order / Verify a Quorum

Owner Input

Secretary’s Report

·         Mtg. Minutes

·         Ratify Interim Approvals – Surveillance, Drain and Refill Pool, Sign Purchase 

Treasurer’s Report

·         Financials  


·         MGR Report -  Communications, Board Vacancies  

·         Fine Policy

·         Camera/Surveillance Policy

·        Pool: tables, waiver update, private parties 

·        Landscape: Irrigation Repairs, Down Tree Removal 

Executive Discussion- – NOT OPEN TO RESIDENTS

*Discussions and decisions relating to collection of assessments and all assessment related decisions requests.      

 *ARC application discussions (if any)

*Discussions and decisions relating to deed restriction violations (discuss outstanding violations)

 *Pending Litigation/Complaints/Discussions/Actions


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